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The Mugger (El Asaltante)

Pablo Fendrik

Argentina 2007 | 67 min | 35 mm | colour | 1:1,66 |
Spanish version, Czech and English subtitles

Portrait of a man who assaults private secondary schools was inspired by a true story. Argentinean talent Pablo Fendrik uses this story to show impressive exercise of style.

Without any explanation of characters’ motivation and out of context – that’s how the story of full length debut of Pablo Fendrik is told. The viewer is directed in a way so he can get under the skin of the main character and experience his feelings. We are in the middle of “a normal” day of an ordinary person’s life without being able to recognize the town that he lives in. Insufficient financial support caused some technical limitations that were beneficial for the final form. Fascinating stylish flatness makes us think we are watching a documentary shot in real time. Portrait of a man who attacks private schools was inspired by true story. Within Argentinean cinematography this movie represents a unique film that is with its content citing the genre (crime) film; its form, though, shows experimental tendencies.

Datum Čas Město Délka Poznámka
Čt 4. 12. 2008 18.00 Brno (Scala) 67 min.
So 13. 12. 2008 17.00 Prague (Světozor) 67 min.