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For visitors

Admission: 79 CZK

Festival Pass
Valid for all projections in main programme section CHOICE 08. Purchasing the pass for all ten projections of the section will save you almost half of the price that you would pay for individually bought tickets.

Full–pass (10 films): 450 CZK
Half–pass (5 films): 250 CZK

Full–pass (10 films): 450 CZK
Half–pass (5 films): 250 CZK
Those having Prague passes have to apply for a free pass for section CHOICE 08 (Big Hall of Světozor) at the box office – in addition to their festival passes.

Full–pass (6 films): 250 CZK

Ticket office
Scala, Moravské nám. 3, Brno, tel.: 542 211 659,
Art, Cihlářská 19, Brno, tel.: 541 213 542,
Metropol, Sokolská 25, Olomouc, tel.: 585 224 120,
Světozor, Vodičkova 41, Prague, tel.: 224 946 824,

Festival catalogue
Available for free in festival cinemas box offices after purchasing the ticket or the pass for festival.

60. Cinepur
The current 60th issue of bi-monthly Cinepur containing large section of author’s texts about particular festival movies will be available in foyer of festival cinemas.