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Claire Denis

French director Claire Denis (*1948) made her full length debut Chocolate when she was forty; for many years she was assistant director. She was carefully choosing the projects that she was part of and cooperated with many important artists of modern cinematography: Wim Wenders, Dušan Makavejev, Jim Jarmush, John Cassavetes and Jacques Rivette. In the nineties Claire Denis initiated a unique sensual filmmaking based on visual narration denying classic editing and usual narrative mechanisms. She coparticipated in general stylistic renaissance (along with such authors as Hou Hsiao-hsien, Tsai Ming-liang or Kiyoshi Kurosawa) – the films are made in very quiet and artistic way concentrating on bodies in front of the camera. Denis prefers “body talk” and hypnotic flow of images to dialogues; sometimes is hard to tell if those images are subjective or objective. The selection of films in retrospective section concentrated on introduction of movies that were impossible to find in Czech Republic; therefore the most famous films of Claire Denis (The Intruder, Trouble Every Day, Good Work) weren’t included.

Helena Bendová

Datum Čas Film Město Délka Poznámka
Út 2. 12. 2008 21.00 No Fear, No Die Brno (Art) 90 min.
St 3. 12. 2008 21.00 I´m Not Sleepy Brno (Art) 110 min.
Čt 4. 12. 2008 21.00 Nénette and Boni Brno (Art) 103 min.
 5. 12. 2008 21.00 Friday Night Brno (Art) 90 min.
So 6. 12. 2008 18.00 Chocolate Brno (Scala) 105 min.
Čt 11. 12. 2008 20.30 No Fear, No Die Prague (Světozor) 90 min. Small Hall
 12. 12. 2008 20.30 Friday Night Prague (Světozor) 90 min. Small Hall
So 13. 12. 2008 18.30 Chocolate Prague (Světozor) 105 min.
So 13. 12. 2008 20.30 Nénette and Boni Prague (Světozor) 103 min. Small Hall
Ne 14. 12. 2008 20.30 I´m Not Sleepy Prague (Světozor) 110 min. Small Hall