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Samuel Beckett, Alan Schneider

USA 1965 | 21 min | DVD | black&white
bez dialogů | without dialogues

To be is to be seen. And to be seen is exactly what the main character of this famous twenty minute long movie tries to avoid. He covers his face and keeps hiding from the world that surrounds him. The only thing he can’t escape from, though, is his own self-examination. The screenplay by Samuel Beckett ingeniously uses the medium of film as a metaphor of perception. The lead role belongs to Buster Keaton. Irish playwright and writer Samuel Beckett (1906–1989) received Nobel Price in 1969.

Film is shown with the permission of Evergreen Review Inc., New York.

Datum Čas Město Délka Poznámka
24. 11. - 7. 12. 2008 Brno (Pražák palace) 21 min. free entry
8. - 10. 12. 2008 Olomouc (Konvikt) 21 min. free entry
9. 12. 2008 - 8. 2. 2009 Prague () 21 min. free entry