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Generation 68 (Générations 68 )

Simon Brook

France 2008 | 53 min | DVD
English, French and Czech version, Czech subtitles

An intensive overview of the most important year of the sixties as it took place in London, Paris New York and Prague. The evocation of revolt which had different reasons in each case, but represented a single wave, a cacophony of spirit remembered, among others, in memories of race riots, liberated sex, napalm-burned jungle in Vietnam, flower music and the Prague spring by Václav Havel and Miloš Forman who pointed out that while some hung the red flag out, and some wanted to haul it down.

Datum Čas Město Délka Poznámka
St 3. 12. 2008 18.00 Brno (Art) 53 min. Small Hall