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Everything to Mars / Martin-Lisbon

Petr Marek / Adam Olha

ČR 1997 / 2007 | Petr Marek / Adam Olha | 50 min | video

Everything to Mars by Petr Marek is almost a classic now. Fictional road movie about a trip to Paris (in fact to Ostrava) is at the same time parody and film operetta, playing with genres on the edge of tolerableness, improvised grotesque and poetic friendly film. Adam Olha in his so far last movie Martin-Lisbon widely opened his documentaristic instincts during his studies in Portugal. The result is a melancholic road impression created by light 8mm camera. The film is built around couple of preoutlined themes illusively inclining towards randomly layered images. The biggest source of spontaneously increasing metaphors is the sound. Author’s commentary and interviews with his family after the film was finished offer unusually open approach to viewer’s own understanding of the film.

Datum Čas Město Délka Poznámka
Čt 4. 12. 2008 20.00 Brno (Art) 50 min. Small Hall
Ne 14. 12. 2008 18.30 Prague (Světozor) 50 min. Small Hall