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Blood Appears (La Sangre brota)

Pablo Fendrik

Argentina 2008 | 100 min | 35 mm | colour | 1:1,85 | Coach14
spanish version, Czech and English subtitles

The plot of this movie is inspired by Fendrik’s own family, by memories of father and older brother. Blood Appears puts us with no warning in personal reality that is usually inaccessible outside family circle. The experiences of main characters are expressed by short volatile images and blurry details. Movements of bodies, body talk and constant looks are more important for the story than (trivial) dialogues. Protagonists are keeping most of the things to themselves and director’s “documentary” approach doesn’t allow us to identify with any of the characters. Therefore the image of a violent crime seems to be shocking at the end of the movie. The viewers are acquiring the role of a voyeur, more or less perversely watching the human tragedy. Blood Appears suggests non psychological conviction of physical causality – that the world is ruled by general causality making every move to be followed by another.

Datum Čas Město Délka Poznámka
So 6. 12. 2008 20.30 Brno (Scala) 100 min.
St 10. 12. 2008 20.00 Olomouc (Metropol) 100 min.
 12. 12. 2008 21.00 Prague (Světozor) 100 min.