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25. 11. 2008

From Tuesday, November 25, it is possible to purchase the tickets and passes for the forthcoming Cinepur CHOICE festival in Brno. The tickets for the retrospective of Claire Denis, experimental cinema and documentaries from the section DOC.ART are for 79 CZK and are available in the ticket office of cinema Art, Cihlarska 19.

Cinema Scala (Moravske namesti) offers both the tickets to the films of the main section CHOICE 08 and the festival passes. We prepared the passes for all 10 films of the most prestigious section for 450 CZK or if preferable, for 250 CZK for half of them. You can still save up and absorb the shining of 5 art hits.

A complete festival program available on the website or on printed flyers at the venues and selected cultural points in the centre of the town.